Terms & Conditions

– Current Contest – Volume EIGHT

The current contest and challenge is for the 21 Day Challenge Volume 8 ONLY.  The 21 Day Challenge Volume 8 can be found on BrittneBabe.com only.   To participate in the current contest you would need to have purchased Volume 8 ONE TIME.  Please do not purchase, Volume 8 more than once as All Sales are Final.   All other challenges are still available for sale, however you will not be able to enter into the contest for previous challenges.  If you are still unsure if you have the right program, please contact customerservice@brittnebabe.com for help as All Sales are Final.

Contest Requirements – An Instagram or Facebook account is needed to enter into the contest (entering the contest is optional).   All other details is included with purchase.  Contact customer service with any questions before purchase, as All Sales are Final.


– Online Training Programs

Facebook GROUP – An invitation to Brittne’s private facebook group is sent with purchase.  Request access and we will confirm your purchase and accept within 48-72 hours. For more information please contact customerservice@brittnebabe.com

Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly – A Nutrition guide includes information that I follow and share with my clients, on how to lose, gain or maintain healthy weight.  Vegan and vegetarian protein options are only included (on the shopping list) but not based around a program. (not included with meal plans, you would need to substitute).

All Programs, including the 21 Day Challenge, can be viewed from BrittneBabe.com only Please go to your dashboard and click VIEW to get started.  Any downloads included with your purchase can be found on the program page.

Some guides will also include PDF files that can be downloaded to your smart phone/pc/tablet.  Videos cannot be downloaded
Brittne Babe Fitness LLC has the right to remove/update downloads at any time.  Please download your pdf files to ensure continuous use.
-Internet access is required to view all videos on BrittneBabe.com
-Access does not expire on BrittneBabe.com
Please contact customerservice@brittnebabe.com with any questions before your purchase, as ALL SALES ARE FINAL

– Bundled Programs

Bundled programs are not sold separately.  While all programs (older programs) were updated, new programs were also added, increasing the value.  BrittneBabe.com will not offer an additional discount.  Please contact customer service with any questions before your purchase. All Sales are Final

The programs sold on BrittneBabe.com should be used independently and performed at your own risk and pace. Please be certain to view the FAQ page https://brittnebabe.com/faqs/ for program information and contact customerservice@brittnebabe.com before purchase with any questions as All Sales are Final.

By purchasing these programs you do not hold Brittne Babe Fitness LLC or any of its employees liable for any injury or illness. All Sales are Final

– Boot Camps

Tickets are Non-Transferable.  Please email customerservice@brittnebabe.com with any questions you may have before your purchase. All sales are Final


– Brittne Babe Disclosure

BrittCamp™ and Online Guides on BrittneBabe.com include workouts  designed to be used independently at your own pace and risk. This program is not intended to treat or cure any illness and results will vary per participant.  Please consult with your physician before beginning any new health and fitness regimen.   By purchasing this program, you do not hold Brittne Babe Fitness LLC and its employees liable for any injuries.