Take a look at what got Yanessa started and how the challenge has helped her.


BEFORE:  “First I want to say thank you for creating this program at such an affordable price.  I gained about 85-90lbs while I was pregnant with my son (he will be 5 in Jan).  I spent the next few years depressed and ashamed of the woman I saw in the mirror.  Seeing all the woman on IG with their “snapback” pics and here I was looking like I ate myself 3 times.  I tried dieting and working out with different programs (t25, 21day fitness, insanity), but always found myself unmotivated and would just quit.  I would cry constantly because I knew I wanted to change not just my physical appearance, but my health as well.  Imagine taking your 4year old to the park and not being able to climb certain things or chase after your son because you’re out of breathe and can’t keep up.  I’ve followed you for a while and always thought to myself, wow if only I had her motivation.  Then I woke up one day so tired and had and no clue why and your post came on my feed.  If that wasn’t the universe telling me stop making excuses and get to it – girl!!!  My 30th birthday is May 8th and the thought of going into this next chapter in my life without changing was sickening.  So I signed up completely unprepared, but so motivated and yearning for a change.”

AFTER:  “This challenge not only helped me become healthier and get in shape/lose weight, but it gave me the confidence I lost.  I can plank for a min!!!  A whole min lol.  I can run after my son and not worry about keeping up, or going home early.  I’ve learned how to make healthier food choices and feed my body correctly.  I learned that I AM CAPABLE TO DO THIS.  This challenge really changed my life in just 21 days. I have more energy, I’m happier then I’ve been in a while.  I think the most important thing I learned was to love myself again.  I am CAPABLE, STONG, AND READY FOR ANOTHER ROUND.  (A FEW OF MY FRIENDS AND BOTH MY SISTER IN LAWS JOINED, SO IT’S GOOD TO KNOW I INSPIRED SOMEONE ELSE TO GET FIT ( WHO WOULD HAVE EVERRR THOUGHT)