Tiffany is a new member of my team and what a great addition!  She has been so encouraging and positive to the participants in my community with her presence.  As a women, we tend to use every excuse (I’m a mom,  I work, I am a wife) as to why we cannot take time for ourselves, when in reality we need to put ourselves FIRST so that we can see our children grow and be there when they need us.  I was so proud to see Tiffany acknowledge this and move forward with getting in the best shape for herself and her family.  Great Job Tiffany!

Take a look at how the challenge helped Tiffany

21 Days AFTER:  I entered the contest because as a mother who had her baby one year ago I kept using the excuse that it’s just the baby weight when deep down I knew it wasn’t. Brit is so motivating and fun in her videos – I love her personality so much that I decided if I was going to start getting into shape she was the coach that was going to keep me working for me. I really  feel it when she says we will be training for the rest of our lives, that’s a great way to see it. .and it’s true. This contest helped me tons, and I would still be on the couch procrastinating if not for the contest.