Sophina is a long time member of my team. She has been a part of my community for nearly 2 years and has been nothing short of amazing. Sophina is very open and honest throughout her journey. She is also motivating with her beast mode workouts she posts almost every day which encourages all of the babes. 

Take a look at what got Sophina C. started and how the challenge has helped her:

BEFORE: “…I’ve never been a small person. The crazy thing is I don’t remember being a big kid, but I was. As I grew I was a thick teenager and adult. I remember being competitive in school, knowing I was bigger I never wanted to be seen as lazy, so I ran the miles at school. Now, as an adult I’m trying to shed the only identity I’ve ever known. How can I train my whole being to be smaller? I get so tired, my body aches, and I fear this thick chick will never be thin. Every day for over a year I’ve been working, eating better than ever and there is still more work ahead.”

21 DAYS AFTER: “Everyday I exercised. More days than I wanted I cheated with sweets. But overall, I see some good changes. My bellybutton is starting to reappear, hey button how you been? I can see my top belly going back into my hourglass I had in my 20’s.“