Shaloda has entered the contest portion twice and today she is a winner of some cash!!! She‘s even enrolled in the upcoming contest! Talk about commitment – her results speak for themselves. Shaloda proves that simply trying, taking a step every day, and fighting can get you far. Very proud of you Shaloda! I love that you share your progress with the other babes in the private support group and how you set the bar with no excuses! Way to be a #babe!

Take a look at how the challenge has helped her:

“This will be my second challenge with Vol. 9. I haven’t reached my goal yet, but I have noticed progress in my body. I’m entering this contest because like before, I still want to test my limits and increase my endurance. I’m a very competitive person and by doing these challenges I know I will push myself harder vs. if I wasn’t doing the challenge.”

2 challenges AFTER: “Like before, your workouts have helped me in a major way. I feel and look better. I have seen more progress since my first very first challenge. I plan to continue doing the challenges until I get to my goal weight.”