Take a look at what got Shakira started and how the challenge has helped her

BEFORE:  “My name is Shakira and I am so excited to be participating in your 21 day challenge. A bit more about me – I am three years in to my fitness journey now, I started in May 2015 at my heaviest at 220lbs. At this time for the bulk of my life I had gained weight over the course of the years in school and a month after graduating I decided to change my life through healthy eating and working out. After about a year and a half in to my journey I managed to get down to about 150lbs which was my lowest, but most fittest time. Since then over the last year I gained about 15lbs back and a bit more over the last few months after transitioning to a plant based diet, with a bit more carbs and not quiet getting the balance right. I have also added some work stress factors and have not been in the fitness community that I once had. I am participating in this challenge because I want my momentum back, with some inches lost 🙂 I am hoping to use this as an opportunity to jump back into properly eating a balanced diet and targeted workouts. Thank you for your platform – I am excited for this journey!”

AFTER:  “I have attached my after photos and I must say, I am very pleased with the results thus far. I am so happy I had the chance to participate in your challenge and jump start my journey once again with a bang. It truly felt amazing having the access to the programs for each day at my fingertips, so without any excuses I made it work with my schedule. The videos perfectly illustrated all of the moves, even the downtime and I loved that. I loved the mix of HIIT with the standard workouts mixed in. Thanks again for your platform as I am looking forward to continuing the program for the next two challenge series’.”