Take a look at what got Amber started and how the challenge has helped her.


BEFORE:  “Hey!  Hey!  My name is Amber Roche.  I’m a 33yr old mother of 2 girls (7yrs old and 8mo old) and a nurse to 400 children.  The snap back after a baby just ain’t what it used to be!  Plus, I’ve been super stressed lately and thought this challenge will set me on the right track toward an all around healthier way of life.  I have followed your page for a while and joined bc of the results I saw from your clients.  Below are my before pics. Looking forward to blowing this thing out the water!”

AFTER:  “Screaming a HUGE thank you for this experience!!!  I have dropped 7lbs and can finally see some muscles coming through. T his is the first challenge I’ve ever done, but it jump started a whole new lifestyle.  I am free from constant sugar cravings, meal planning has become easy and convenient, and overall I feel great.   Just a few more months til summer, looking forward to seeing more results.  Thanks again for the tools and motivation!”