Day 1

A couple years ago I came down with bronchial pneumonia that gave me a heart arrhythmia. In order for my heart to heal, I was prohibited from working out. Two years later, it turns out that working out seems to help my heart remain in sinus rhythm. (Who would have thought…) I want my body to be healthy and not have to take medicine for my heart, as well as strengthen my body so I am not weakened by my rheumatoid arthritis / weakened immune system. My shoulders are also naturally rounded and working out helps my posture greatly. Hoping to kick some butt in this challenge and just be healthy overall!


Thanks for being so inspiring.


Day 21


Unfortunately my R.A. put me out of commission during this challenge, so I would say that it was more of a 15 day challenge for me. Overall this was still a good experience in order to access my problem areas and modify workouts to my personal needs. I need to modify ones that are harder on the knees, as well as work up flexibility in my shoulders. Thank you for your modified versions, I appreciated them greatly. The challenge also helped keep my eating habits on track! If It’s possible to enter the next round of volume VI I will now that I know what works for me best!