Way to go Rachel! Rachel has been smashing her goals for a while now and little by little – results are made. She understands that she must be realistic with herself and simply trust the process because this is a never ending journey. Health is wealth! Rachel, you are inspiring others out there so I hope you continue to share your tips and advice with the rest of the babes. Keep pushing.

Take a look at what got Rachel R. started:


“I wanted to enter the contest because I entered it once and did not compete it last year. I wanna prove to myself that I can be self disciplined and have a clean diet. I never try and win anything, but I wanna show a difference in my before and after not for you, but for myself.”


“Finished up today. Good luck to anybody still doing the challenge. Hang in there… my first one I didn’t complete. This round I had some up and downs, but I pushed through and I’m just getting started.”