Twayna is one of the most genuine and encouraging babes I know. She is upfront and honest, always has a smile on her face through the good and bad, and stays up to date in the community. We love watching your journey!

Take a look at what Tawayna N. had to say:


“Good Morning Brittne Babes. I can honestly say that I am proud of myself. I have successfully for the last 6 weeks (missing only ONE day) been to the gym 5 days consecutively (Monday-Friday). No Excuses. That’s a big deal because I have had gym memberships for years and not go for months or I was only going maybe 2 times a week if at all. So today I did my 6AM workout at the gym and I did Vol 9 week 3 Day 5. This group is awesome. Cheers to getting it DONE!”