Rachelle has un-apologetically shared her journey from day one.  While dealing with her personal struggles she has been a positive light in my support group and has shared her journey on her instagram account @chellentuna.  Thank you for being apart of my team Rachelle!  I am very happy to have played apart in your new life  🙂

Take a look at what got Rachelle L. started and how the challenge has helped her:

BEFORE: “I have always been active, but gained a ton of weight when I hit rock bottom with an addiction to alcohol. I got sober 4 years ago and I lost 50 lbs just by working out, eating healthy and quitting alcohol. Unfortunately, I have gained back about 15 lbs over the last year and although I did it by myself previously, I NEED a support group and accountability to help me get back on track.”

21 DAYS AFTER: “I didn’t think I would ever see the fun, smiling, confident woman that I have become over the last few years. I thought she was gone. 

But she’s not gone, and she’s gonna continue to work and blossom. I thought getting sober was the hardest thing I’d ever have to do, but depression is another dragon that this girl is gonna have to slay from time to time.”