Take a look at what got Monique started and how the challenge has helped her

BEFORE: My name is Monique, 33 years and mother of 2 girls. Currently I’m 12 weeks post-partum. I’m joining the challenge to loose fat and tone my body. I want to get rid of my mummy tummy. I am so ready to fight myself. To challenge myself. I’ts me vs my belly fat.

21 Days AFTER:  I have completed the 21 day challenge and I lost a lots of centimeters around my waist. I will definitely continue to do these exercises. I loved it and so did my children and their daddy who joined me a couple of times. It was easy to follow and I loved that Brittne integrated modified and advanced exercises. The facebook support group really helped me to stay on track with everything. I enjoyed seeing other people all over the world doing the exact same exercises as me.  I will continue to work on my body. Thank you Brittne