Take a look at what got Lizzie started and how the challenge has helped her

BEFORE:  The reason I’ve entered your 21 day challenge is because after going through a long battle of depression and bad eating habits I realized the best way for me to cope has been to work out and gradually change those bad habits.

After coming across your Instagram profile, you gave me a new goal to obtain over the next few years, I’d really like to trim down on stomach fat and to eventually be completely toned and just healthier in general.
When I saw the results of the last 21 day challenge contestants, I knew that with your help and guidance I could be so much closer to my goal!

21 Days AFTER: Volume 8 worked for me because it’s the first workout challenge that I’ve competed in where the trainer does the workouts with you,

It kept me motivated, and despite this challenge being very difficult for me, I managed to stick it through with Brittne’s guidance!
I’m glad I did, I see and most importantly feel a great change in my life, and will continue to do more challenges later!