Way to push through it Lisa! Sometimes you don’t want to gain or lose much. Sometimes you want to tone up and maintain your weight. Well Lisa, you make it look effortless. Nutrition and exercise must go hand in hand for results to show. Health is wealth!

Take a look at what got Lisa D. started:


“I am entering into this challenge because I am a mother of 4 and want to loose some weight.  I want to be more active and love my body.  I used to weigh 115 pounds, but I always felt too skinny.  I want to find that perfect middle ground where I look and feel good.  I want to be fit!  I’m so excited to start this challenge.  I love seeing all of the other women’s results from this challenge.  It’s so inspiring!  I want to work hard and hopefully be an inspiration to someone else.”


“I loved this whole experience and Brittne’s workouts.  They were challenging and fun.  I slacked off here and there, but finished the program in the end.  I am stronger now and feel so much better about myself.  Brittne is so encouraging and I just love her.  I’m looking forward to starting BrittCamp!”