Day 1

I am happy to say that this is my second round of the challenge! I was so pleased with my results of round one that I didn’t want to sit this round out. I worked my self-back into my wedding dress from five years ago! Now that I have done this once I fewer like I have a better understanding of my body and losing weight. I know I had some struggles with my water in-take so I definitely plan to work on this better this time. I want to push myself and try to work my way up the advanced HITT this time! The meal plans are fun and easy to follow so this week I will be trying out meal plan number five. My goals this round will be to continue to lose weight and push harder this time!


Day 21 Wow! The past 21 days have been GREAT! This is my second review of the 21 Day Challenge and this time around I pushed myself to do the advanced HIIT and though it was not easy it gave me results. The second round was different for me in a better way because I feel like I’ve seen started to tone up more and I am seeing muscles on my body I’ve never noticed before! I chose to do meal plans number 4 and 6 and I really enjoyed the snacks such as the yogurt with the granola! The challenge was a $15 lifetime investment! Thank you again Brittne Babe for putting this one and your inspiration!