Kate has been Team BrittneBabe for over a year!!  She has done several challenges, but most recently decided to try Volume NINE.  Kate went from having an unhealthy relationship with diet and exercise to living the fitness life while motivating and inspiring thousands through her Instagram @destinyfitness2018 and within my private community.  Always encouraging, gives great tips, positive and supportive.  Thank you Kate and keep up the great work!!!

Take a look at what got Kate M. started and how the challenge has helped her

BEFORE: I am entering the Volume 9 contest in order to push myself that extra bit. I have been repeating vol. 5 and after 3 rounds decided it was time to purchase a new volume. I turn 30 in 5 months and I want to not only be my healthiest self, but also look amazing! Thanks Brittne for these killer programs, the results will be undeniable!

21 Days AFTER:  WOW! What a great program. This is my 3rd time doing the Brittne Babe 21 Day Challenge and I absolutely love it. I had no additional costs outside of the program and was able to follow along with each workout and a daily HITT. I lost 6 inches overall and 6.8lbs 🙂 Ill be entering contest four asap! Thanks for such a accessible program.!