Looking amazing JoAnna!  She is currently the 2nd most active babe in the private, support group.  That is incredible.  Since she joined the challenge, she has been such great energy.  From sharing real life experiences with everyone, the highs, the lows… through it all, JoAnna keeps us all laughing and motivated at the same time.  SO glad to have you on board!

Take a look at what got JoAnna R. started:


“I am entering this contest because I gave birth to full term twins weighing nearly 7 pounds each and I can no longer hide behind the guise of “having twins”.  Yes, my body has changed in ways I never knew possible, but I’m feeling like the impossible is possible now.  I wish I could blame my body on the twins alone, but I also endured a toxic relationship that I allowed myself to be in.  Once I left, 4 years ago, I started eating my pain, stress, and doubts late at night after the twins were sound asleep.  I couldn’t let them see mommy hurt…  Now they are 6 year olds, full of life, and mommy has to keep up with them.  As a mother, I never want to tell my sons that “I can’t” because I’m out of shape….  So, I’m here to make sure I always can for my sons.  See you in 21 days!”


“I am so proud of my results and myself!  I lost 7 pounds and my body is shaping up nicely!  Your program has shown that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle with less than 1 hour of exercise 6 days a week and without being in the gym!  No fads or extreme diets.  I ate from the full food rainbow and was never hungry!  I am a single mother of twins who also works full time with a host of extracurriculars.  So time and energy have been my biggest excuses.  Now, I don’t have them.  I STRUGGLED through the workouts and mostly did the modified versions…  but I told myself I would just focus on one day at a time.  My advice for newbies is to just start.  Don’t worry about having all the extras!  Just you, the mat, and Brittne.“