Evette is amazing!!! If you follow the hashtag #brittnebabe21daychallenge you will get a full view of her journey. Evette’s goal was to create healthier habits that would last a lifetime and she is doing just that. This isn’t a quick fix or a diet to her. This is a lifestyle, HER lifestyle and there is no looking back!! Go Evette!!!

Take a look at what got Evette I. started:


I started this fitness Journey after I lost my son. Elias was born 3 months premature and did not survive. It was later discovered that the cause of my miscarriage is a physical condition that will follow me throughout subsequent pregnancies. Fortunately for me, there are solutions to the condition. 

Unfortunately, I felt isolated from the world and drove people away. I felt like a failure for not being healthier while pregnant and for not protecting my son. I knew something had to change.  At that moment I made a promise to Elias, that I would live a healthier life. 

My fitness journey began which lead me to your Instagram page.  At this point, I’d lost 50+ lbs and wanted to push myself to the next level. I love high intensity, circuit style training that doesn’t require an advanced degree to maneuver. Your videos and directions in the 21-day challenge were well executed and the workouts were fun. The results speak for themselves.

Thank you for doing what you do. I fully support your goal in that any and everyone can be a healthier version of themselves. 

TODAY: “Life’s too short to learn from your own mistakes, so do yourself a favor and learn from others. I got fat because I overate, slept on a full stomach, didn’t exercise or drink enough water. I made excuses for my laziness and rolled my eyes at anyone who pointed out my weight gain. The truth: I didn’t value my health and this carelessness cost me a life that I can never get back. Fortunately, I’m on the road to building a better future for myself and you can too. Take everything one day at a time. Start by cleaning out your kitchen and taking a 20-30 minute walk before or after work. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your body responds to minor changes.”