Emely is a busy mom who is committed to putting her health first and has been such a great addition to my private support group.  Emely has blogged both good and bad days and uses the group for motivation and support.  I have enjoyed watching her over the last 21 days and I look forward to more.  Thank you Emely, you are doing amazing!!  

Take a look at what got Emely J. started and how the challenge has helped her:

BEFORE: “I am entering after 3 years of inconsistent workouts. I lost 50lbs in 2016 during the year after having my daughter. Through gall bladder and liver issues, I had been off of workouts over the next 3 years. I am finally physically and mentally ready to make a permanent and active change, for me. I believe this will be the extra push I need to get me where I want to be.”

21 DAYS AFTER: “I smiled during today’s HIIT, WITHOUT BrittneBabe telling me to! I got through the whole workout, no breaks, and added weights to the intro/outro jog! 4th wk and I’m so happy, confident, and feeling healthier. My bf couldn’t help but take pics of me last night and has showered me with so much more compliments and support!”