Although Delisa has not submitted before photos, she definitely took on the challenge! Delisa is one of the most active babes in my private group. She is consistent with sharing her journey, with progress photos, words of encouragement, recipes, nutritional tips and alternatives, as well as her highs and her lows. Delisa is an all around babe and is 100% about living a healthy lifestyle. Very proud of you! This is for life!”

Take a look at how the challenge has helped her:

“This month on the 12th will mark my 3 month workout anniversary and I’m feeling better than I ever have especially since this is my first time applying weight training into my workout routine. I’m officially addicted to working out.”

You’re fighting for your health. You have to be consistent and make it a part of your regular routine just like washing you face, brushing your teeth, and showering every day. I feel so great. And baaaaby, love handles are hard to get rid of, but they’re slowly leaving my life. LOL!”