Danielle is also a new member of Team Brittne Babe and has been amazing this challenge!  Recipes, gym selfies, motivation, tips, support, she has given it all!  This is what a fitness community needs!  Thank you for contributions to the group Danielle, I am sure you helped many!

Take a look at why Danielle decided to join my challenge:

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Danielle.  I’ve been hitting the gym since last June and eating better (cheat day once a week). Followed a few diet plans and they failed. Went from 207 to 188 and loss inches but no more pounds. Weight fluctuates up and down from 188 to 179 due to having PCOS. BUT babyyyyyy I am gonna do this 21 day challenge ya hear me and get snatched. I haven’t started it completely yet but when I do it’s gonna be ova lol. Much love ❤️  “