Cheri crushed her 21 day goal! After holding onto the challenge for a month, she finally decided to get started. Motivation comes from within babes and with hard work and consistency you can improve your quality of life. Great job babe!

Check out why she got started with my 21 Day Challenge

BEFORE : “I am a mother of 5 including twins. I am recovering from a car accident which caused me to gain a lot of weight. Im pushing through my pain to achieve this goal. By 40 I will be phenomenal.”

AFTER: “I had to put my nose to the grind and make every choice matter. The discipline is worth the discovery. I found out how easy it can be to let yourself go however, with support and dedication changes WILL HAPPEN. I surprised myself seeing these after pictures!!. Now I’m full speed ahead and can’t wait for the next 21 day discovery! This lifestyle is mine. I will claim it and own it and share it. Thanks Brit!! Please keep doing what you do!”