Take a look at how the challenge helped Catherine

BEFORE: I choose to enter this contest because I NEED A CHANGE!!! I’m over weight and it does nothing for my self confidence and makes my depression worse. I always feel better mentally & physical when I’m active. Also I want to be a good example for my babies (2 & 4yrs old) and be around to take care of them. My mother died at the age of 36 and I will be 36 this year. This is my time to get it together.

21 Days AFTER:  This challenge was great! I’m so glad I stuck with it. This is the most exercise I have done consistently in such a long time! I have lost 6 inches in my waist!  And that is amazing considering I have an injured toe & had to modify some of the core exercises too. The challenge has got me back in the groove of things and I can’t wait to start vol 9. I’ve got to tweak my diet. But overall I am so happy with my results & motivated to continue!