Brooke proves that by taking small steps each day, the results will come.  Nutrition and exercise must go hand in hand for results to show. Way to push through it Brooke!

Take a look at what got Brooke H. started:


“I finally entered this contest after following Brittne for a very long time, and this is why.  Each time I saw a new contest post, I thought about it, decided not to join and then tried to do my own thing.  My own thing has not been working out.  I’ve recently read one of the testimonial stories that Brittne posted and the person mentioned something along the lines of, if you have been wanting to or thinking about joining, then just do it.  I really need help on my fitness and nutrition journey.  I had a goal to be 170 lbs by my birthday which was back in March.  It is now June and I still haven’t reached that goal; the closest I’ve been was 186 and I’ve gained weight since then.  I’m entering this program because of the proven results and I’m ready to finally achieve results as well by creating a lifestyle!”


“This challenge worked well for me physically and mentally.  I was in a place where I lost all motivation to go to the gym, to workout and go on runs.  I never felt that way before and I didn’t know why it was happening.  I purchased the 21 day challenge so that it could hopefully get me back into the groove of moving my body and making fitness and health a priority and that’s exactly what it did.  I workout every day now thanks to this challenge and I am looking better and feeling better.  This challenge helped me make self care a priority in my life!”