Before: “I follow you on Facebook for a long time now, and I can see that you are a role model for a lot of people, including me. I decided to enter to the contest because it is time to change my life. I tried to be an active person but it did not workout most of the time. When I saw the challenge I detected an opportunity to get rid of what makes me feel insecure nowadays. Your videos inspired me to have the control and say: I can do it! I have seen so many people suffer from obesity and Diabetes in my family and I don’t want to be one of them. I don’t only want to be healthy but I want to feel pretty again. I am positive that with this challenge I can achieve it. I will do my best for real and I hope to be an inspiration for other people.”

21 Days Later: “The 21 days felt like a week! It is always like that when you start to enjoy something. In the beginning was a bit hard to keep up, I am not gonna lie, but later on I felt really inspired and motivated watching your videos. There were people who actually could not believe that I was doing this challenge, the: “why are you doing this?” “You are crazy” “you are skinny” “don’t lose your time” “it’s too little time to see a change” “21 days is not enough” ; did not stop me from doing it!!!! I was not feeling comfortable on my own skin, wearing corset and other stuff to look better, buying M clothes when I could use small size, I was not being me, I wasn’t for a long time. So I can just tell you THANK YOU! GRACIAS! you brought light and power to my life. It actually motivated me to start my YouTube channel and share with other my experience. It can happen that other people don’t see my progress, but I actually see it and I am happy! I can go back to wear tight dresses and the jeans I bought more than 6 months ago, that it didn’t fit me back then. Keep the hard work, keep motivating, you make people like me to say: I can do it!”