Angelica L.

So proud!!! Angelica has been part of Team Brittne Babe since 2016. She has participated in countless challenges, contests, and workout guides. Angelica is very active on social media and uses the hashtag #BrittneBABE21DayChallenge sharing her woorkouts, meals, and even offers words of encouragement. I just love watching her journey! Angelica, you are pure motivation! Keep going.

Take a look at what got Angelica L. started:


“I am in this fitness program because of the challenge I want to provide for my life.  I have came so far with the 21 day challenges I have done that I do not want to stop.  I am convinced on the ability my mind and body can do with the workout that are provide for each week.  I am grateful for Brittne Babe Fitness.”


“OMG!  This was amazing!  I am so happy to have found a workout plan and coach that fits with my life.  My way of going with my day and adding my workout at whatever time I am able to is amazing.  It being in the AM before work or PM after work…  YOU are there.  Brittne Babe’s 21 day challenge has given me strength.”