Amy has been Team Brittne Babe for over a year! I am super proud of all the progress she has made day in and day out. Amy continues to document her healthy lifestyle by blogging her clean, healthy, yummy meals. She also supports the other babes, shares her tips, and even shares her struggles. What a great asset you are to the Brittne Babe community Amy! Keep going! Your abs and definition has been looking amazing!

Take a look at how the challenge has helped her:

“This is my 2 round of Vol. 9. I had great results from the 1st round and excited to push myself harder and continue making healthy choices. I started this challenge to feel better about my body. I’m continuing it because I finally do and I’m never going back!”

I am still working on toning things up a bit, but I’m super happy with the changes so far. Being part of this challenge has been so fun. I’ve been inspired to create new recipes and connect with other babes – sharing the same goals/struggles.”