Take a look at what got Amber started and how the challenge has helped her.


BEFORE:  “I have been on a long journey to become fit and healthy.  I’ve struggled with my weight for over 10 years.  I know I didn’t always follow the safest and healthiest methods for losing weight, so I would easily gain all weight and plus some back.  My biggest struggle now is finding the time and energy to transform my lifestyle to a healthy one.  I am a single mother of a young toddler, in a new town with little to no help around, so it is very hard to get to a gym and it’s difficult to afford healthy food options.  Brittne’s physique is chin dropping so that instantly caught my eye and seeing that her 21 Day Challenge was so affordable and over a reasonable time frame, I felt there was no reason not to try it!”

AFTER:  “This program was by far the best $15 investment I could have made!  The workouts are great whether you want to do a beginners approach or advanced!  Minimal equipment needed, no gym necessary, no strenuous cardio necessary, and the workouts are quick and to the point.  It was everything a a super busy single mom such as myself needed!  Due to unforeseen circumstances I fell off track at times with the workouts, but would always try to go back and catch up and I did stay fairly consistent with the meals though I still struggle with drinking beyond 1/2 gallon of water.  One thing I would love to see in addition to the workouts is maybe a Facebook Live video with office/cubicle friendly workouts!  Speaking of Facebook, the best part of this program was the members only page!  It was great having a community of members who were from all different backgrounds striving to get healthier, and with NO JUDGEMENT!  The motivation is absolutely beautiful and even when I fall short, I am encouraged to pick back up and keep going.  There are lots of topics and recommendations discussed in the group as well that help you with your journey.  Overall, though I hit some obstacles along the way, I can say that I’ve made true lifestyle changes that are comfortable and in time, it will have me at optimal health thanks to the 21 Day Challenge!  I definitely will be purchasing Brittne’s other programs as well!  Thank you!  Looking forward to round two!”