Sweat it OFF


Sweat it Off Program is designed for weight loss and includes THREE Programs

Program 1 – Get Me Bodied – One Week Full Body Training Program using your body weight ONLY

Program 2 – Full Body Resistance – One Week Full Body Training Program using Resistance Bands ONLY

Program 3 – Your Body Your Gym – One Week Full Body Training Program using Inexpensive Fitness Equipment


Here is what you will need:

  • Your Body Weight
  • Stability Ball
  • Medicine Ball (or Dumbbells)
  • Kettle-Bell
  • Foam Roller
  • Yoga Mat (Suggested but you can use a towel)Resistance Bands – lightweight with handles

Recommended for All Fitness Levels

This is an ONLINE program with 24/7 Access on BrittneBabe.com only

Some audio, HD VIDEOS for all workuts.

Released 2018

Internet Access is needed for all programs sold on BrittneBabe.com

This program does not include a nutrition guide.  Check out my 21 Day Challenge for meal plans.

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