Build Your Body


I have created the figure 8 body by opening up my back muscles and creating round shoulders.  I have also built a good amount of muscle in my legs, however not enough. This is my current training routine that is designed to build lower body muscle (booty and thighs)

The Build Your Body program, includes my top workout guides designed to build curves when combined with a balanced diet.  This program is ideal for clients looking to gain healthy weight and/or curves.

  • 4 week Program
  • Can be Viewed from Phone/PC/Tablet
  • Over 50 routines (performed in HD VIDEO FORMAT) that can be performed daily
  • Access to my Facebook Group

Recommended for All Fitness Levels

This is an ONLINE program with 24/7 Access on only

No audio, HD VIDEOS only.

Includes How to Build A Booty, released 2014; How to Get Sexy Arms, released 2014; and Bombshell, released 2017

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This program does not include a nutrition guide.  Check out my 21 Day Challenge for meal plans and guidance.

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Buildsculpt and train your body to be the best you, with my  “at home”  online programs (HD videos) !