What Volume should i begin with?

The 21 Day Challenge Volumes, are in the order of the release date. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, it is recommended you begin with the current Volume (Volume 8) so that you can benefit from all new features.  Because you are using your own body weight and going at your own pace, you can modify the workouts for your level of fitness.

It is also recommended to try my 21 Minute HIIT or Fit Test to determine if you are ready for the challenge.


Purchasing older Volumes is great as an add on, if you want to take advantage of the lower price and if you want to add more variety to your workouts.

Volume 1 – No longer sold and no longer available on BrittneBabe.com

Volume 2, 3,4 – Released 2015 – 2016 and includes demonstration videos only

Volume 5,6,7 – Released 2017-2018 includes full performance videos

*Volume 8 – Current Challenge, includes full performance videos.  New contest begins every week starting Jan. 7th 2019 and ends March 25th 2019


*You only need to purchase Volume 8 ONCE to participate in the contests during Jan 7th and March 25th 2019. Please contact customerservice@brittnebabe.com with any and all questions as All Sales are Final.

How do I sign up for the 21 Day Challenge Contest?

Volume 8 is the current challenge and the contest begins every week starting Jan. 7th until March 25th

You can enter into ANY contest between the dates Jan. 7th and March 25th if you’ve purchased Volume 8 of the 21 Day Challenge.  To qualify, you would need to submit your photos on the dates noted (included with purchase).

You only need to purchase Volume 8 ONCE, to enter any of the contests between Jan. 7th and March 25th

$500 Cash prize every week to the top 21 Day Transformations

1st prize $250; 2nd prize $150; 3rd prize $100

Visit BrittneBabe.com to purchase Volume 8.

Once you have access to the program, more details on how to enter the *contest is included.

*A Facebook or Instagram account is needed to enter into the contest


Does the programs include Vegan and Vegetarian meal plans?

No,  Brittne’s program is based around how she and her clients eat to achieve their fitness goals.  While Brittne includes some vegan and vegetarian protein options, it will be up to you to create your menu plan based off the info given in the Nutrition book (included with the 21 Day Challenge only).

Please contact customerservice@brittnebabe.com with any additional questions.



Do I need to purchase the 21 Day Challenge again?

To enter into the current contest, you would need to purchase the current challenge.  Please do not purchase the same volume, more than once, as all sales are final on BrittneBabe.com

Access to Volumes 2 and up do not expire.  You can log in at any time and start your program.


If you are having any issues logging into the upgraded website. 

1. Try clearing your browser history in your settings


2. Contacting customerservice@brittnebabe.com we will help you access your account.


Are there recurring fees?

No,  The programs sold on BrittneBabe.com (with the exception of BrittCamp) are a one time payment and includes unlimited access to the program you purchased.

21 Day Challenge – To Participate in future contests, you will need to purchase the current Volume

Can I purchase programs separately?

Programs are not sold separately.  While all programs (older programs) were updated, new programs were also added, increasing the value.  BrittneBabe.com will not offer an additional discount.  Please contact customer service with any questions before your purchase. All Sales are Final

What does Online Training include?

My Online Training Program is designed to instruct you how to target specific muscle groups with my style of training.

The training program’s will vary based off personal goals and product descriptions can be found on each product page.  I perform the entire rep with you, however videos do not include audio.

Some Online Training Programs include PDF’s that can be downloaded to your device (videos cannot be downloaded).

Online Training Programs can only be accessed from BrittneBabe.com when logged into your account.  There are no dvd’s sold on BrittneBabe.com

Internet access is required and your access does not expire.

Please email customerservice@brittnebabe.com with any additional questions before your purchase, as All Sales Are Final

What is BrittCamp?

BrittCamp™ is my MEMBERS only subscription program with 24/7 access to my personal fitness library.  BrittCamp™ includes my workouts and meal ideas.


Access starts at less than $10 per month

Learn more here! https://brittcamp.brittnebabe.com/

Internet Access is Needed.

BrittCamp™ does not include the 21 Day Challenge.

I completed my purchase but I did not receive an email!

No worries, simply log into BrittneBabe.com with the username and password you created, for instant access to the program.

We only follow up with a welcome email, if you did not receive it, check your spam folder.

Please contact customer service if you forgot your username and password.


I’ve just purchased a program, but I cannot find the video(s)

Once you land on your program page, scroll the entire program to find videos.

Please also make certain to download any pdf’s included with your purchase to ensure the best use of your program.

Internet access is required.

How do I get a refund or exchange a guide?

We keep the price point low and offer great value.  We encourage all customers to email customerservice@brittnebabe.com with any questions before making a purchase as all sales are final.

Please keep in mind, access to programs are online only and internet access is required.


Will my access expire with my program purchase?

Unless otherwise noted, no.  Programs sold on the BrittneBabe.com (2015 – present) website do not expire.


If you are having issues logging into your account.  Try clearing your search history in settings (the servers were updated 12/2018) or contact customerservice@brittnebabe.com  we will help you get into your account.

If you are missing a program or have any questions, please contact customerservice@brittnebabe.com  we can help you gain access right away.

Internet access is required.

Will I be sent a DVD?

Unless otherwise noted on the product page, all programs are located on BrittneBabe.com  ONLY.

Please log into your account with your username and password to get started.

Internet access is required

How long will the 21 Day Challenge be available?

The 21 Day Challenge along with all programs sold on BrittneBabe.com are subject to change or be removed at any time. Don’t miss out on the fun and get started today!!!

Will the videos expire for the 21 Day Challenge?

Purchases for the 21 Day Challenge starting 2/7/16 will have full use of videos with no expiration date.  You can log into your account to access your program at anytime.

The 21 Day Challenge can be done at any time at your own pace.


If you are having issues accessing your account or program, please contact customerservice@brittnebabe.com so that we can help you get back to work!

Internet Access is required

What is the 21 Day Challenge?

The 21 Day Challenge is a full body training program offered twice a year at a great value (low price point)

With each 21 Day Challenge, you will receive

  • a 3 week training program that includes video.
  • A Nutrition guide with information, that I use with my clients, on how to lose, gain or maintain healthy weight.  Vegan and vegetarian protein options are included with the shopping list only (not included with meal plans, you would need to substitute).
  • A chance to win a cash prize for the latest Volume. Volume 8 is the current volume and contest!
  • You will also receive access to my Facebook Members Only Group

Internet Access is required