Dance Fitness is a full body training program choreographed to the beat*

There are 4 choreographed routines that include a combination of High and Low impact movement, designed to build muscle and increase endurance.

Is this good for weight gain? – You will be burning a lot of calories with this program. To ensure you are also gaining, I would suggest focusing more on your diet. Need help? Check out my 21 Day Challenge.

Is Dance Fitness considered cardio? – Cardio is any movement that raises your heart rate and makes you breathe heavy. So YES, dancing is cardio

Do I need to add any additional training? – Only if you can handle it! This program is intense, go at your own pace. But I would advise to start slow if you are just getting into fitness.

Do I need rhythm? – You are training AT HOME. Practice in the mirror babe

What kind of music is on Dance Fitness? – We use copyright free music. We are not authorized to use songs played on the radio babes.

Do I need equipment? – We used 2lb weights for one of the workouts, but it is totally optional. There is plenty of upper body and lower body workouts designed to build muscle.

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*Dance Fitness includes copyright free music