The 21 Day Challenge – Volume XI is the current challenge and the weekly *contests begins March 15th, 2021.

You can enter into *ANY contest for the 21 Day Challenge – Volume XI with your purchase.  To qualify, you would need to submit your photos on the dates noted (download titled “contest info” is included with purchase).

REMINDER – You only need to purchase the 21 Day Challenge – Volume XI ONCE, to enter any of the contests for the 21 Day Challenge – Volume XI

*$300 in Cash to the TOP 3 Participants each week (each winner will receive $100) (contest dates are March 15th to June 21, 2021).  

**Grand Prize – Win a CASH PRIZE, Zoom Call which includes a personal Q&A, a private one-on-one session, and a zoom call!

The two winners will have won one of the 12 contests, Transformation Challenge only. These babes are also active on social media, supporting, blogging and encouraging other Babes.

There will be no voting for this challenge. I will pick my top contestants/winners each week and post to at the end of each contest.

*You can participate in all contests for the 21 Day Challenge – Volume XI with only one purchase

***A Facebook or Instagram account is needed to enter into the contest