Brittne’s Facebook Group is a great way for members to connect and motivate each other along their journey, with the current 21 Day Challenge (VOLUME XI ONLY, UNTIL A NEW CHALLENGE IS RELEASED).  A link to request access is located on the program page when logged into your account on  When requesting access please confirm that you have answered the questions and your account is in accordance with Brittne’s group guidelines.  All pending requests are reviewed within 48-72 hours.

Brittne’s Facebook Rules – When requesting access your Facebook account must include your photo and your name must match your order (first and last or last name). There are no exceptions to this rule as Brittne will need to identify members at all time for account issues and contests. The group is also designed for women and men to share their personal stories and photos.

Please review Facebook privacy rules for help with keeping your account private and safe.

Brittne has the right to deny or remove a member at any time, as the group is not included with your purchase.  Once you have been accepted please review and note the rules of Brittne’s group. The goal is to keep the group spam free, friendly and safe. If you still have questions, please contact