Lisa D.

Way to push through it Lisa! Sometimes you don’t want to gain or lose much. Sometimes you want to tone up and maintain your weight. Well Lisa, you make it look effortless. Nutrition and exercise must go hand in hand for results to show. Health is wealth! Take a look at what got Lisa D. started: […]

Angelica L.

So proud!!! Angelica has been part of Team Brittne Babe since 2016. She has participated in countless challenges, contests, and workout guides. Angelica is very active on social media and uses the hashtag #BrittneBABE21DayChallenge sharing her woorkouts, meals, and even offers words of encouragement. I just love watching her journey! Angelica, you are pure motivation! […]

Deanna R.

Deanna has never entered the contest, but her results speak for themselves. She has challenged herself round after round, focusing on both her nutrition and exercise. Deanna understands that healthy living is not a quick fix and that there is no finish line. A balanced, healthy lifestyle is a continuous journey. Deanna, you are doing […]


Take a look at what got Miriame started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE: I am entering this contest to get my pre baby body back and get in the best shape i have every been. I bought volume 7 but between my now 8 month old twins and working full time i just could […]


Take a look at what got Latoya started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE: I’m May 2018 I began my to get really serious about my fitness journey. Around this time is when I started to incorporate resistance training into my workouts. I began to look at different female fitness influencers on YouTube and Instagram […]


Take a look at what got Erica started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE: I’m entering the contest for the 3rd time because I still have goals to smash! I’m a stay at home mom who can’t get out to the gym due to my husband’s work schedule. I really appreciate that your program is effective […]