Rachel R.

Way to go Rachel! Rachel has been smashing her goals for a while now and little by little – results are made. She understands that she must be realistic with herself and simply trust the process because this is a never ending journey. Health is wealth! Rachel, you are inspiring others out there so I […]

Kimika N.

Kimika is a new Babe in the community who is full of support! From the very moment she joined the contest, she began sharing her journey in the private support group. She asks questions, offers advice, takes advice, and supports the other babes with words of encouragement. Besides that, Kimika looks amazing! Anything is possible with […]

Mishael S.

Mishael has been part of the Brittne Babe Fitness community since 2015. Since then, she has took part in numerous challenges, volumes, contests, and body focused workout guides of mine. Mishael is also a member of BrittCamp which is filled with over 100 workouts and recipes. She is very aware that this health journey is […]


Take a look at what got Wyllesha started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE: I am entering this contest because I just had two babies back to back (11/22/17 and 11/26/18). Having children is a life changing event that changed me both mentally and physically (gained 50+ lbs). I’ve experienced PPD with both babies and I […]


Take a look at what got Kerline started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE:  Hi there! My name is Kerline and I’m entering this contest for three reasons. 1st and 2nd reason is because I want my b4 3 boys body back and I want a new lifestyle for me. 3rd is there is a Savage Race that […]


Take a look at what got Magdalla started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE:  I am entering this competition because I want to lose weight and get toned. I have tried a variety of fitness workouts and none of them have produced results that I’m proud of. It takes 21 days to start a habit […]