Tanya H.

Tanya is a very active babe in the community! Her approach to sharing her journey is thorough my instagram hashtag, #BrittneBABE21DayChallengeShe posts her workouts, words of encouragement, and body updates. Way to go Tanya! Keep on pushing! Keep on fighting for your health! Take a look at what got Tanya H. started: “I always been a big […]

Rhondeisha J.

One word to define Rhondeisha – consistent! Through the good times and the tough times, Rhondeisha is there to give words of encouragement. She is what Team Brittne Babe is all about. Together we are strong and mighty. I am proud to watch your journey and hope you continue to be that source of motivation […]


Take a look at what got Monique started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE: My name is Monique, 33 years and mother of 2 girls. Currently I’m 12 weeks post-partum. I’m joining the challenge to loose fat and tone my body. I want to get rid of my mummy tummy. I am so ready to fight […]


Take a look at what got Lizzie started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE:  The reason I’ve entered your 21 day challenge is because after going through a long battle of depression and bad eating habits I realized the best way for me to cope has been to work out and gradually change those bad habits. […]


Take a look at what got Tara started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE:  I am entering this challenge because I’m tired of being unhealthy.  I’m tired of seeing people obtain their weight loss goals and not having the courage or dedication to the same.  I don’t want to hide behind filters and right angles in […]