Rachelle L.

Rachelle has un-apologetically shared her journey from day one.  While dealing with her personal struggles she has been a positive light in my support group and has shared her journey on her instagram account @chellentuna.  Thank you for being apart of my team Rachelle!  I am very happy to have played apart in your new […]

Emely J.

Emely is a busy mom who is committed to putting her health first and has been such a great addition to my private support group.  Emely has blogged both good and bad days and uses the group for motivation and support.  I have enjoyed watching her over the last 21 days and I look forward […]

Danielle C.

Danielle is also a new member of Team Brittne Babe and has been amazing this challenge!  Recipes, gym selfies, motivation, tips, support, she has given it all!  This is what a fitness community needs!  Thank you for contributions to the group Danielle, I am sure you helped many! Take a look at why Danielle decided […]


Take a look at what got Jennifer started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE: I entered this contest because I need to jumpstart my weightloss journey. 2 months ago, I was going strong with my journey. I worked out 6-8 times a week and my eating was OK. Wedding planning stress got the best of […]


Take a look at what got Alyse started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE:  I’m doing this for me! it’s so easy to fall off but positive competitions like these keep me motivated and help me stay focused on my WHY! 21 Days AFTER: Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of an amazing […]


Take a look at what got Ashley started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE:  I entered the 21 Day Challenge contest with this photo because I wanted a change in my lifestyle, specially in my diet. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and body. I want to look in the mirror and […]