Tawayna N.

Twayna is one of the most genuine and encouraging babes I know. She is upfront and honest, always has a smile on her face through the good and bad, and stays up to date in the community. We love watching your journey! Take a look at what Tawayna N. had to say: TODAY: “Good Morning Brittne Babes. […]

Christina N.

Christina is currently the MOST active member in the Brittne Babe community. Not only does she share her journey in the most honest way, but she also supports the other babes in the group – which I love most. We all need a little support from time to time to keep going. I couldn’t be […]

Ciara N.

Way to push and remain consistent Ciara! She is a great addition to the Brittne Babe community. Always supportive encouraging, and helpful. Keep going! Take a look at what Ciara N. had to say: TODAY: “Babes, when I started volume 9, I was 166 pounds. I took the scale out today and I am 159!! So happy […]