Tascha C.

Way to go Tascha! A little effort a day can go a long way. Tascha has proven that if you put in the work, it will reflect and the results will come! Take a look at what Tascha C. had to say: TODAY: “The 21 Day Challenge is enough, especially doing the HIITs after your strength workout […]

Rose L.

Congrats Rose! We all begin unsure of our physical strength and commitment to a new lifestyle, but Rose has built the confidence she will need to achieve her fitness goals.  She shares her journey within my Private Group and motivates others to start and stay on track!  Great Job Rose! Take a look at what got Rose L. had […]

Jocelyn J.

Jocelyn is currently the most active babe in the private, support group!  She blogs her journey, asks for tips, gives advice, and even shares her highs and lows.  What I love most is how positive Jocelyn is.  She comments on many of the other babes posts and it is nothing short of encouraging.  Way to […]