JoAnna R.

Looking amazing JoAnna!  She is currently the 2nd most active babe in the private, support group.  That is incredible.  Since she joined the challenge, she has been such great energy.  From sharing real life experiences with everyone, the highs, the lows… through it all, JoAnna keeps us all laughing and motivated at the same time.  […]

Brooke H.

Brooke proves that by taking small steps each day, the results will come.  Nutrition and exercise must go hand in hand for results to show. Way to push through it Brooke! Take a look at what got Brooke H. started: BEFORE: “I finally entered this contest after following Brittne for a very long time, and this […]

Joy R.

Joy is currently the most active babe in the private, support group!  She blogs her journey, asks for tips, gives advice, and even shares her highs and lows.  What I love most is how selfless Joy is.  She comments on many of the other babes posts and it is nothing short of encouraging.  Way to […]


Take a look at what got Larisha started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE:   I have decided to join the 21 day challenge is because I want to start living a healthier life. Joining in on the 21 day challenge will hold me accountable for the start to a healthier way of living. Thanks for the […]


Take a look at what got Tillie started and how the challenge has helped her BEFORE: I am turning 31 in a few weeks, if I don’t start taking my health seriously now, I feel like I never will. That’s why I have decided to enter the contest again. I keep giving up halfway through, but I will […]


Take a look at how the challenge helped Cameron  21 Days AFTER:  i would say that this challenger has definitely pushed me but in a good way. sometimes it’s hard to find motivation and some days it was definitely easier to get up and do it than others. but this challenge was just the right amount, not […]