“You are so inspiring!  I want to get my body back, thanks so much for the inspiration”


“This challenge not only helped me become healthier and get in shape/lose weight, but it gave me the confidence I lost. I can plank for a min!!! A whole min lol. I can run after my son and not worry about keeping up! I learned that I AM CAPABLE TO DO THIS.”


“I am starting this journey because I’ve been neglecting myself and health for the past few years. After having three boys I need to be healthy to not only keep up with them but also to set better examples. Glad to be on this journey!”


“Unfortunately my R.A. put me out of commission for some of the challenge. Thank you for your modified versions (of the workouts). I appreciated them greatly. The challenge also helped keep my eating habits on track!”


“Although I feel I could’ve pushed harder, I am so happy that I was able to break the chain of saying, I’ll do it tomorrow, or I’m tired. This program kickstarted a chain of habits I don’t want to let go ever again.”