How To Do Workout

1) 3 sets, 10 reps of ‘Half, Under V-Claps’
2) 3 sets, 10 reps of ‘Roll Outs’
3) 3 reps of ‘Walk Around Clocks’ w/ 10 Second Plank

#BrittneBABE21DayChallenge !!!
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  1. I currently take Herbalife but not fully consistent but plan on it with the 21 Day challaneg I just purchased. Should I use the 1 scoop PDM or just the two scoops of F1?

  2. I question the “HIIT” workout that’s listed alone.Do we do it in conjunction with the ” four picks and HIIT” designed for let’s say a Monday work out ( making it 2 HIIT courses to do) or refer to it when we have HIIT alone, I believe like Wed. Haven’t started completely..? I did 2 days last week and fell off and I’m still trying to watch my food intake, but my schedule has me out of sorts. I’ll start a new today . PS~ I LOVE working out with you!! Something about watching your trainer suffer with you makes you realize they’re still human–no matter how dope they look! ???? I THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! God Bless?

    1. I just started yesterday with my son! Trying to find something to motivate him…apparently pretty girls do the trick! I had a similar question that I emailed. Wasn’t sure if the HIIT was a set or just one rep!

      Good luck Angie!

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